The reason I invented my Tray:

  1. Safety comes first:
  • When a server gets accidentally bumped or in a tight area because of limited space they can control the Tray. It keeps the contents of the Tray from being dropped on the floor or customer. If on the floor glass could break, the liquid could cause a person to slip and fall and cut themselves from the glass. If the liquid is hot it could burn a person. There could be a law suit for both situations.
  • A law has passed that the FDA and Health Department will no longer allow the use of serving trays that have the CORK TOP feature. It remains wet with absorption of food born illnesses like E-Coli and Salmonella 
  • With proper handling of the Tray, it eases the wrist being stressful and fatigued.
  • When preparing Saganaki it keeps a fair distance between the server’s wrist and fore arm with the sudden huge flame the appetizer displays.
  • The Tray is made of (NSF) National Sanitation Foundation approved materials and is food and beverage safe.
  1. First time user of a Tray:
  • Summer help from College students make more tips because of being able to hold and balance the Tray.
  • Takes the fear out of serving with a Tray.
  • Confidence
  • Server focuses on the customer with no distraction
  • Easier to place on the table and recover with the clearance between the table and the bottom of the Tray
  • Keeps the Servers sleeve clean and Dry
  • Shot girls have more confidence and can carry more
  1. Not the same old Serving Tray:
  • Our Tray comes in every color imageable
  • Outstanding for Advertising. It accents your company’s color scheme, and your Servers uniforms, Branding and accents interior Décor
  • It can display your Company’s Logo, Verbiage and Jingle for Advertising
  • Commercial dishwasher safe and stackable for quick drying and storage 
  • It Compliments your server and makes them noticeable.
  • It’s fun to use and make’s the Server Happy
  • Customize your own Tray today!