Our Tray is produced in an injection Mold Manufacturing Facility in Port Huron, Michigan.USA.

Packaged and shipped thru-out the United States of America.

Our serving tray provides a spacious 14-inches of surface for food and beverages.

Made of durable polymer ensuring years of use!
Non-Slip Surface ensures the food and drinks your servers carry to your customers remain on the tray until served.

Patent Pending Under-Tray Handle

Our unique under-tray handle provides a secure and safe grip on the tray to help your servers prevent spillage and ensure safe delivery to your customers.

Various Colors and Custom Branded Colors
Customize your trays with your branded colors.
























Apply your branded logo

Have Cee J’s Tray apply your Business Logo to the top surface of your Tray for Display and Advertisement.

Our Trays are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Approved.