I have been working on this project for over three years.

To make a safer tray to handle and control in accidental situations.

I came up with the idea at a Sports Bar close to my home in Roseville Michigan, 20 miles north of Detroit.

A waitress was carrying an old tray with two long neck bottles that were teetering and almost falling,

she had to hold on to them with the one hand

while trying to balance the tray with the other, (what a funny sight that was) I asked her why she was using the tray in the first place

because of only two longneck bottles on the tray she could hold them with one hand and be done with it.

Her reply was that the manager wanted the Bar to have a family atmosphere and the trays would have that perception.

That’s when I asked her if she had a handle on the bottom of the tray would that help her balance it. She agreed.

           The next day I went to the nearest Do-It-Yourself Home Supply and got the supplies,

called a close friend of mine that owned a counter Top/cabinet Manufacturing Facility.

We had it finished that day and voila! There was my prototype idea completed.

I contacted three Licensed Patent Attorneys, settled on one and submitted my idea for a Patent search.

Nothing was like mine, I have a Patent pending now and excited to share my idea and product with you.